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Posted on August 3, 2012 by Simon Chen

A past client of mine, who worked in talent management for a Fortune 1000 technology company, once commented to me that it was easier for her to recruit a mid-career engineering specialist than it was to find the millennials who would become her future workforce. The difficulty wasn't because of any negative stereotype attributed to the millennial generation but it was simply because there was so much competition for the large numbers that she needed to find, hire and onboard. Obviously, this comment was made during a time when the economy was better performing. If I recounted this story to a young person today, I might get a response like: "I'm a recent grad and I can't find work." Or, if working: "I'm worried that I'll be the first one laid off." In spite of diminished prospects, I'm often impressed with the initiative young people have to create opportunities for themselves to gain useful skills and experiences to ensure they stand out to potential employers.

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