Supercharge Your Recollective Study With New Video & Language Capabilities!

It’s been a busy couple of months. Since launching Recollective in November we’ve implemented some huge research communities and lots of short projects. We’ve been listening to every bit of feedback we get and are delighted that you’re all finding it such an easy-to-use and powerful platform.

One feature we’ve been itching to release from the very beginning is Video task types. We’re¬†really pleased to announce that it’s live and you can now create Video tasks in any study. Your participants will be able to upload and share their videos, start conversations about them and spread their ‘likes’ around.

The outcome? Richer and deeper insights from participants. Watch as they use products, shop or even complete a video diary. With results like that, who wouldn’t be excited!

To allow for maximum flexibility, videos can be submitted in a variety of different formats (MPEG, VP8, WMV, etc.), using almost any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, flip camera). The outcome is a converted H.264 video with a back-up Flash version. Don’t be satisfied with low-resolution grainy images, Recollective accepts HD video upload, playback and download, so you can watch participants in cystal clear clarity.

Video tasks and diaries are enabled in your site now in “demo mode” which let’s you try it out with 15 second clips. To upgrade to the full feature, give your account representative a call for pricing.

Our Multilingual Capabilities are Growing

Another new feature that we’re really excited about is our support for two new languages. Out of the box, Recollective can now be switched between English, French and Spanish. Participants choose the language they prefer for the interface, researchers can create questions and comment in any language too; all of which makes Recolelctive the perfect platform for studies in multiple languages.

With more languages to be introduced throughout 2012, now is a great time to start planning your international research projects on Recollective. Of course, if you have a specific language that’s required for an upcoming project, let us know a month in advance and we will try to accommodate your request.

For more info, why don’t you get in touch with us?

Upcoming: The MRIA’s 2012 Qualitative Research Division Conference

This Friday, February 24th, I am looking forward to traveling to Toronto to attend the MRIA‘s annual QRD (Qualitative Research Division) event: “. . . a full day conference about all things qualitative with speakers, breakout sessions and opportunities for networking.” I note that the event will take place at the Ontario Science Centre, a museum I last visited during my high school years. I hope the organizers will treat us to a Van de Graaff generator demonstration!

I remember enjoying my museum visits because many of the exhibits were live and interactive, which made it an entertaining way to discover and learn new concepts. I am hoping that the QRD Conference, with its tagline — “learn, explore, expand” — will be just as valuable. With Ramius’ latest offering — Recollective —¬† being (continuously) designed with the help of qualitative researchers, I hope to discover and learn new methods and techniques that I can share with the team. And, coming from a background in social software for online communities, collaboration and innovation, I hope I can contribute some new ideas to the qualitative research community’s discussions on new MR technologies.

Conferences are always about the great people that speak and attend. As a new MRIA member, I hope to have the opportunity to meet and learn from others. I spotted a couple of friends to Ramius on the speaker list: Dr. Sam Ladner of Copernicus Consulting and Gen Lamorie-Wallace of Phase 5 Consulting. Sam’s presentation is entitled Truth, Lies and Ethnography while Gen will discuss Lessons Learned when adapting technology platforms for qualitative research. Please consider checking back to this blog next week — I plan to recap what Sam, Gen and others will be presenting on.

Hope to see you at #QRD2012 !