Recollective Release – August 2013 (Incremental)

There were a number of small improvements that we weren’t able to squeeze into the main release this month, so instead they were all pushed live over the weekend. Here’s a quick summary of what’s changed.

Summary Stream
  • New stream filtering options to highlight comments and ratings by a profiled user

Betty Davis - August QA 2013-1Photo Task Type

After splitting the old Text / Photo task type a few releases ago, we’ve had feedback from some customers that they want to see it back. So, to help any die-hards out there, we’ve improved the new Photo Task Type.

Task Setup - August QA 2013-2

  • New option attached to Additional Commentary to “Place above photos” which enables text to be captured before photos are uploaded.
  • Text responses appear above photos on the response view and stream

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Recollective Release – August 2013

August is normally a quiet month, so we’ve taken the opportunity to make some further advances in the Recollective feature set. Chief among them are improvements to the Poll tool which were pushed live yesterday evening (6 Aug).

Improved Poll Task Type

The Poll task type was one of the very first we released back in 2011 and we’ve had some great feedback about how to improve it. In this release we’ve expanded it’s capability to include follow-on actions and new choice options.

Task Setup - Mobility & Social Media

  • A “None of the above” and an “All of the above” choice in single and multiple choices polls respectively which remains on the bottom of the list when options are randomized.
  • The ability to define actions per poll choice (in a similar way to the Prompt task type). These actions enable you to do things like drive task navigation (skip ahead / back / across / sideways / up / down and generally have fun), open external URLs, add or remove participants to segments and more. This feature applies to single-choice polls only.

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