Chinese Language Arrives!

Chinese Blog ImageSo many of our customers are using Recollective in global projects, that we get requests for new languages every week. Chinese has been perhaps the most requested language recently. So, as part of the ongoing effort to localize Recollective into popular languages, we’re really delighted to confirm that the platform now fully supports Simplified Chinese.

This upgrade is immediately available on all Recollective sites and includes support for both content being created in Chinese by researchers and participants, plus switching the whole user interface into Simplified Chinese.

It extends to all features, including the Word Cloud summary view which looks astonishingly cool in Chinese!

If you have a Recollective site already, enable the language in the Site Administration area under “Site Setup > Basic Settings”. As for all other languages, Recollective will auto-select the language if it’s available and new participants arrive from the associated locale.

Gamification comes to Recollective with new Incentives feature

incentives logo

Today we’re releasing an incredible series of upgrades to the core Recollective platform. These upgrades are available to all customers and include:

  • Incentives (points and levels)
  • Action Log
  • Web-Based Notifications
  • Email Notification Digests
  • Anonymous Access


We’ve attended several marketing research conferences over the past few years and one consistent topic of conversation at all of them as been “gamification”. We’ve been thinking about how to bring that element into Recollective for quite some time. Gamification, in the general opinion of researchers we spoke with, is a way to stimulate more interactions and quality of response by making the research fun and competitive.

As we considered that, it was clear that gamification had two dimensions:

  • The reward of accumulating points, and having effort recognized in the community, is in itself an incentive to stimulate the desired behaviour.
  • Points and levels can be used to determine who has earned a traditional monetary incentive in a research community.

To address these elements, we’ve built the following new features: Continue reading

Leading European insights company Blauw Research chooses Recollective to expand the scope of its online research

Ottawa, Canada – May 6, 2014 Ramius Corporation announced today that Blauw Research has chosen Recollective as one of their preferred platforms to power online research communities and has entered into a strategic partnership agreement to grow its presence across Europe.




Since its initial launch in 2011, Recollective has led the online qualitative research software market with numerous innovations. Purpose-built for professional research, Recollective combines a suite of flexible tools to create structured open-ended and multimedia activities while enabling participants to freely engage and collaborate with each other.

Blauw Research was particularly impressed with these dual aspects of Recollective and uses them to complement their traditional quantitative programs. By exploring the deeper “why” behind customer behaviour, Blauw is able to uncover compelling insights that enrich the value they deliver to clients.

“The great diversity of question types in Recollective, combined with the ability to use both task-oriented assignments and open forum discussions, make it possible to get the specific insights we need without limiting any discussions started by participants,” said Ivo Langbroek, Innovation Officer at Blauw Research. “We can also cover extra topics that perhaps were missed in preceding surveys and keep those surveys simple.”

For Ramius Corporation, the partnership with Blauw Research further strengthens its growing position as a leading provider of online insight community software in Europe. With mobile and online communities hot topics in the research world, studies built on Recollective combine both elements into a uniquely compelling experience.

“This partnership is a tremendous opportunity for Ramius to work closely with an award-winning research agency,” said Stephen Thompson, Executive Vice President of Ramius. “As a software company, we are constantly evolving Recollective based on feedback from our partners, so we’re very excited to see how Blauw uses it and help them expand their business.”

The popularity of online research communities is expected to accelerate in 2014, driven by demand for rapid insights, an increasingly connected population and widespread familiarity with social technologies. By partnering together, Ramius and Blauw Research are well positioned to satisfy this demand in European markets with the Recollective platform.

Read the full Press Release here.