Recollective Summer Release: August 2014

The summer Recollective release is out and we’ve doubled down on a few crucial parts of the platform. While they may not be the most glamorous elements of Recollective, each can make a huge difference to the success of a project.


Please read more about each area of improvement:

As usual, we’ve also made many usability enhancements, boosted system stability and eliminated a number of software bugs along the way.

We’re already working on several major enhancements that we’ll announce shortly. In the meantime, we hope these new features will benefit your studies.

Streamlined Participant Import Process

As part of the Recollective Release: August 2014, we’ve introduced a more direct and intuitive process for importing participants into a study and then dispatching invitations by email.

As part of this change, Recollective studies will no longer deem its participants as “Active” until they first visit the study. This ensures you can easily over-recruit and get more accurate activity completion statistics. The updated invitation tracking area now also clearly delineates participants that are “added but not yet invited” so its even simpler to follow participant progress from added, invited, email opened, to joined. Continue reading

Improved Invitations and Email Broadcasts

As part of the Recollective Release: August 2014, we’ve greatly improved email invitations and email broadcasts by combining these two areas and then making them even more flexible.

In summary, email invitations and broadcasts now benefit from the following features:

  • Improved recipient selection
  • Ability to email administrators
  • Use of dynamic values
  • Automatic login link
  • Expanded password sharing options
  • Message previewing
  • Automatic saving and recovery

Continue reading

Enhanced Security Features

With a long history of building enterprise-grade software, we’ve drawn on our experience to extend Recollective functionality to protect the integrity of all user accounts.

As part of the Recollective Release: August 2014, you can now visit Site Administration > Site Setup > Account Settings to…

  • Enable and configure an automated password expiry policy
  • Block the re-use of past passwords for a customized duration
  • Block too many failed attempts to login with a temporary account lockout
  • Limit session duration and use or duration of the “Remember Me” function
  • Optionally use non-reversible password encryption

These new features add to the already extensive suite of security-related software features. For more information, or to learn about an Enhanced Security infrastructure package, please contact us. Continue reading