Recollective: 2018 in Review

Thousands of studies took place on Recollective in 2018 and hundreds of thousands of participants came through our virtual doors to respond and interact. Countless task responses, videos and discussions posts were contributed which add up to millions of words. Before we knew it, another insightful year had drawn to a close.

Before we kick off new a series of blog posts in 2019, we thought it would be fitting to summarize all that we accomplished in the development of Recollective in 2018.

Our customers add their unique research expertise to Recollective and ultimately it is they who take it to market. This shared-success model means the quantity and quality of feedback we get is invaluable. We never stop improving and only wish we could deliver on these ideas faster.

What I’ll do in this post is summarize the most significant platform updates from 2018 and then highlight some of the smaller, yet important, usability improvements that were directly inspired by our customers. Continue reading