Online Qualitative @SCALE

In today’s insights landscape, where researchers and organizations are trying to understand human behaviour and experiences at a level of scale and efficiency, technology offers the best approach to get at the why behind the what and derive understanding from experiential landscapes.

Let’s look at how online qual communities can be leveraged at scale in 3 different respects:

  1. Conversational Approaches to Research
  2. Growing Importance and Impact of Video
  3. Balancing Technological Capabilities with Methodology

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Online Qualitative Research Myths

Qualitative research is in a state of flux. Traditional in-person methodologies continue to see increasing cost pressure and declining efficiency but remain popular. Whereas new online software tools are becoming mainstream and offer expanding opportunities to deliver research in new ways, at a faster pace. Despite the benefits of switching to online, there is still a reluctance due to the unknown and uncertainty that comes along with adapting to a new methodology. Those hesitations are often fuelled by a lack of understanding of the capabilities and practical uses for digital.

In this article, we’ll tackle the most common concerns we hear in conversations with customers surrounding a move to online qualitative research.

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Activity Design, Pacing and Length

With research, you’re constantly living by the mantra of using the right tool for the job in an effort to gain understanding on topics and people of interest. Although every research community is as idiosyncratic as the people it’s composed of, there are always some key considerations that arise surrounding design:

  1. Research Approach and Methodology
  2. Project Schedule and Timeline
  3. Community Socialization and Moderation

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Recollective named in GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Tech Providers

The 2019 GRIT report was published today and I’m incredibly proud to see Recollective ranked among the most innovative tech suppliers for the first time. As many of our customers know, we launched way back in 2011 and have often been referred to as the best kept secret in the industry, so it’s great to finally make the list and come out of the shadows!

What really thrilled us was to realize that not only are we ranked among the most innovative tech suppliers in an increasingly competitive crowd, but Recollective has been used at:

  • 19 out of 50 of the Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers
  • 19 out of 50 of the Top 50 Qualitative Research companies
  • 20 out of 50 of the Top 50 Strategic Consultancies

We’ve worked very hard to build a research platform that’s easy to use, fast to deploy into field and rich with features to deliver compelling, innovative research. Many of our award-winning customers not only trust Recollective as the foundation to deliver their online research, but have helped us, inspired us and continue to collaborate with us as we evolve the platform.

We’re looking forward to working with you all over the coming year and would like to thank you for the recognition, but most of all for your ongoing support. We have some amazing new developments in the pipeline that will further push the boundary of online research that we can’t wait to share! 

Not only that, but we’ve recently expanded our team to include Research Services capabilities and are building an ecosystem of supplier-side partners familiar with our platform to help even more agencies, independent moderators and brands discover Recollective. 

As the report’s infographic states: the future’s so bright we gotta wear shades!

Thank you all for the support from everyone at Recollective. 

Recollective Update: Screen Recording & Stock Photo Search (July 2019)

Following at the heels of our recent product improvements, we’re happy to announce that our July 2019 Recollective product update introduces several more highly anticipated features. This latest release went live today to all customers.

The key features of this update are:

  • Screen Recordings
  • Integrated Stock Photos

To learn more about the release, please download (and share) our Recollective Product Update: July 2019 (PDF) or keep reading. Continue reading