Recollective Update: Chart Customization (August 2019)

The summer heat hasn’t slowed us down given we’ve released another great Recollective product update to all our customers. For August 2019 we created a new solution for customizing charts and their related data tables. Also, if you haven’t already done so, please read about our product updates from May and July.

Chart customization has probably been our most requested feature enhancement for some time and that’s for a good reason. We want our researchers to spend time engaging and moderating, not rebuilding charts in Excel. When a chart doesn’t exactly meet your needs (e.g. for inclusion in a client presentation), recreating it from raw data can waste a lot of time.

Recollective now provides a fantastic amount of flexibility for nearly all the task types with a chart summary.

The new chart customizations include:

  • Chart title and sub-title editing
  • Chart type and orientation setting (e.g. vertical bar chart)
  • Chart mode setting (data labels as values or percentages)
  • Renaming, re-coloring or hiding items (e.g. choices, columns, rows, cards, groups, ratings, etc.)
  • Grouping related items (data is instantly combined in the summary table and its related chart)
  • Sorting dynamically or manually (e.g. by value, name, etc.)

Another key improvement in this release is also related to charts. Study administrators can now customize the default color theme for all charts in a study. Once set, a chart will cycle through the defined colors while still allowing individual color overrides to take place for each chart.

To learn more about the release, please download (and share) our Recollective Product Update: August 2019 (PDF) or keep reading to learn more. Continue reading

Best Practices: Building a Recollective Home Page

The Home Page tool in Recollective is going to act as a critical anchor and reference point for all of your community members whether you’re engaging with participants in a private short-term project, or an ongoing community with a lot of socialization and collaboration.

In today’s blog, we’ll be providing you with some examples of how to organize your research community to improve participant engagement through the use of a Recollective study Home Page:

  • What is the Recollective Home Page?
  • Recommended Content
  • Creative Examples

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How to: Excerpting and Coding Responses

Saving time, streamlining analysis, and supplementing output!

Anyone who has run an online research project can tell you that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when analyzing the data – there’s just so much! Shifting through the responses can be time-consuming, inefficient and more difficult than it needs to be to uncover the insights that you need.

Thankfully, the Excerpt tool within Recollective allows you to quickly and easily save and code key themes, saving lots of time in the process. In this blog article, we’ll review:

  • How to Excerpt and Code text content
  • How to Excerpt and Code video transcripts
  • Using the Excerpts Report

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