The Value of Video

“I won’t believe it, until I see it.” – every DM ever

As touched on in a previous post (Online Qualitative @SCALE), video was touted to have huge potential as a medium for qualitative insight and understanding. Beyond the fact that videos are one of the dominant ways in which people communicate in today’s online and social media environments, videos also help with direct research efforts.

Adding video collection to your research designs – or designing your research around video collection – can help improve the actionability of your results in many ways:

  1. More genuine data with connection and depth
  2. Higher productivity due to video collaboration
  3. Improved customer experiences

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How to: Excerpting and Coding Responses

Saving time, streamlining analysis, and supplementing output!

Anyone who has run an online research project can tell you that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start when analyzing the data – there’s just so much! Shifting through the responses can be time-consuming, inefficient and more difficult than it needs to be to uncover the insights that you need.

Thankfully, the Excerpt tool within Recollective allows you to quickly and easily save and code key themes, saving lots of time in the process. In this blog article, we’ll review:

  • How to Excerpt and Code text content
  • How to Excerpt and Code video transcripts
  • Using the Excerpts Report

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Online Qualitative @SCALE

In today’s insights landscape, where researchers and organizations are trying to understand human behaviour and experiences at a level of scale and efficiency, technology offers the best approach to get at the why behind the what and derive understanding from experiential landscapes.

Let’s look at how online qual communities can be leveraged at scale in 3 different respects:

  1. Conversational Approaches to Research
  2. Growing Importance and Impact of Video
  3. Balancing Technological Capabilities with Methodology

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Online Qualitative Research Myths

Qualitative research is in a state of flux. Traditional in-person methodologies continue to see increasing cost pressure and declining efficiency but remain popular. Whereas new online software tools are becoming mainstream and offer expanding opportunities to deliver research in new ways, at a faster pace. Despite the benefits of switching to online, there is still a reluctance due to the unknown and uncertainty that comes along with adapting to a new methodology. Those hesitations are often fuelled by a lack of understanding of the capabilities and practical uses for digital.

In this article, we’ll tackle the most common concerns we hear in conversations with customers surrounding a move to online qualitative research.

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Activity Design, Pacing and Length

With research, you’re constantly living by the mantra of using the right tool for the job in an effort to gain understanding on topics and people of interest. Although every research community is as idiosyncratic as the people it’s composed of, there are always some key considerations that arise surrounding design:

  1. Research Approach and Methodology
  2. Project Schedule and Timeline
  3. Community Socialization and Moderation

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Why shift to online qual research?

Information today is being collected and analyzed in an ever quicker and easier fashion to help decision makers stay informed. The qualitative research industry is no different.

In this blog post, we’ll describe five important reasons for researchers to contemplate introducing online qualitative research methods into their portfolio of services.

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