Spotlight: Poll Task

One of the most commonly used research question types is a quantitative poll. Within Recollective, you can use polls for a variety of different purposes that extend beyond the typical data collection and result analysis. Everything from pre-registration screening, standard activity designs, or in-depth profiling questions can all be done using polls in Recollective. In today’s blog, we’ll look at one application of Recollective’s unique take on Polls: the Poll Task!

  1. What is the Poll Task?
  2. What can you do with the Poll Task?
  3. Data Visualization

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Best Practices: Building a Recollective Home Page

The Home Page tool in Recollective is going to act as a critical anchor and reference point for all of your community members whether you’re engaging with participants in a private short-term project, or an ongoing community with a lot of socialization and collaboration.

In today’s blog, we’ll be providing you with some examples of how to organize your research community to improve participant engagement through the use of a Recollective study Home Page:

  • What is the Recollective Home Page?
  • Recommended Content
  • Creative Examples

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