Fresh Look for Recollective

mysterious-spherical-objects-under-red-cloth_600A fantastic new interface design is now available for an exclusive preview by Recollective customers. If you’re a Recollective customer, you may soon notice a toggle inside your studies as shown below. It grants you access to a fully functional and live preview of this new look. If you don’t see this toggle in your Recollective study, please visit a study in your Recollective demonstration site.

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New Image Review Zoom



Recollective is centred on an activity-based approach of guiding participants through tasks that can gather a rich set of multimedia responses. The task types supported by Recollective are akin to the question types of a survey, except that the focus is more qualitative in nature, interactive and ultimately social.

One of Recollective’s most popular task types is “Image Review”. It lets you upload an image and define up to three types of markers that participants can drag onto the image. Each placed marker can be accompanied by an annotation that answers a custom follow-up question like, “Why do you like this part of the image?”. You can also collect a rating for the image and additional commentary.

We recently updated the Image Review task type to support very large and highly detailed images by allowing participants to quickly zoom in and out as needed. Continue reading

New Activity Guidance Options

We recently released a new Study Setting that provides administrators with better control over the automated guidance that helps participants find and return to activities in a study. This guidance system can now be simplified or completely disabled.


Activity Guidance Overview

Recollective studies are made up of activities and each activity may contain one or more tasks (e.g. video submission, image review, text response, etc.). The tasks in an activity are always in sequence like a set of survey questions. Activities are also given an order for completion as they typically belong to a logical overall sequence. The order of activities is often used in combination with a schedule that progressively reveals the activities over the duration of a study. Continue reading

True Multilingual Support

The world is indeed becoming a smaller and smaller place and so Recollective has again expanded its international reach and appeal by adding true multilingual support to its platform.


We’ve always supported multiple languages for the interface, but it’s now possible for researchers to input translated text into the same field, on same form, and have Recollective automatically personalize the experience for each participant.

True multilingual support avoids the unwanted clutter of duplicated introductions, instructions and labels. It ultimately streamlines the experience, improves usability and thus boosts response rates. It also ensures that cloning studies for translation is no longer necessary. You can avoid splitting up study participants based on language when every voice should be heard together. This is particularly relevant in geographies that have more than one official language.

Recollective’s new multilingual capability applies to all key areas, including the site name, study name, screening questions, study overview, activities, tasks, discussions and more. Every aspect of the participant experience can be experienced in the person’s native language with freedom to even switch languages at will. Continue reading

In Detail: Grid Task Type


Recollective received another major update and it includes several important features that ensure Recollective remains the best online marketing research platform. This post covers in greater detail the new Grid task type.


Recollective is primarily a platform for qualitative research but it includes an activity and task-based structure that can simulate the flow of a traditional survey and thus it’s ideal for hybrid studies.

In addition to the quantitative task types it already possesses, Recollective now includes a beautiful and versatile Grid Task Type (also known as a matrix question).


A grid task is a series of columns that can be selected for any number of rows you wish to define. It’s effectively a table filled with checkboxes or radio-buttons and can be used in many different ways such as rating, categorizing and ranking any list of items, features, ideas, statements or concepts.

The task remains qualitative in that it provides the ability to collect commentary for each row-level response and you can give participants the opportunity to add their own rows.

To help with the monotony of a big table, rows and columns can be richly formatted and they can even include inline images. Continue reading

In Detail: Enhanced Task Moderation


Recollective received another major update last week and it includes several important features that ensure Recollective remains the best online marketing research platform. This post details the enhancements we made for moderating participant responses to specific tasks.

Study analysts and moderators are now able to:

  • Reject specific task responses and notify participants to update them
  • Edit any responses regardless of the task type
  • Delete a task response while keeping the rest of the activity response

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New Grid Task type, moderator tools and Flexi-start – the November release is here!

We’ve been working on the latest update to Recollective for a little while now and are very excited to announce it’s release. Those of you with active sites may already have seen the new functionality in Recollective, but here’s a quick overview. More details will also be posted on each upgrade or call us to schedule a top-up training session.

  1. New Grid task type
  2. Enhanced task moderation features (edit, delete and reject individual responses)
  3. Flexible start dates and new site subscription area

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Recollective Summer Release: August 2014

The summer Recollective release is out and we’ve doubled down on a few crucial parts of the platform. While they may not be the most glamorous elements of Recollective, each can make a huge difference to the success of a project.


Please read more about each area of improvement:

As usual, we’ve also made many usability enhancements, boosted system stability and eliminated a number of software bugs along the way.

We’re already working on several major enhancements that we’ll announce shortly. In the meantime, we hope these new features will benefit your studies.

Streamlined Participant Import Process

As part of the Recollective Release: August 2014, we’ve introduced a more direct and intuitive process for importing participants into a study and then dispatching invitations by email.

As part of this change, Recollective studies will no longer deem its participants as “Active” until they first visit the study. This ensures you can easily over-recruit and get more accurate activity completion statistics. The updated invitation tracking area now also clearly delineates participants that are “added but not yet invited” so its even simpler to follow participant progress from added, invited, email opened, to joined. Continue reading

Improved Invitations and Email Broadcasts

As part of the Recollective Release: August 2014, we’ve greatly improved email invitations and email broadcasts by combining these two areas and then making them even more flexible.

In summary, email invitations and broadcasts now benefit from the following features:

  • Improved recipient selection
  • Ability to email administrators
  • Use of dynamic values
  • Automatic login link
  • Expanded password sharing options
  • Message previewing
  • Automatic saving and recovery

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