Recollective Release – April 2012

Just as the Market Research Mobile World event was taking place in Amsterdam last week, Ramius was keeping up with the trend of innovative mobile marketing research technology by releasing a new app in the Apple app store.

Recollective was built with HTML5 and CSS3, which has enabled it to be a web based app – that means it is available anytime, on any connected device. So if Recollective is already a web app, why was it necessary to release one in the Apple app store? And why don’t we have an app in the Android Marketplace?

All good questions! The answer is Apple currently prevents iPhone and iPad users from accessing media files saved on their device while sending emails, or in our case, when uploading photos directly to Recollective tasks. Our new app eliminates this shortcoming, but ensures Recollective’s ease-of-use remains.

One of the many aspects of Recollective that we’re really proud of is it’s intuitive design. Participants are never left wondering what to do next or how do complete a task. To ensure user experience is as optimal as possible, there’s no need to instruct participants to go and download this app. If a participant needs it, a notification will appear instructing them to follow the link provided to the Recollective Uploader in the app store.

Once installed on their device the application will:

  • Launch automatically when it’s required
  • Allow for existing photos and videos to be selected from the device
  • Allow for the capturing of new photos and videos from the device
  • Upload all photos and videos with a single click
  • Automatically return participants to the study once the upload has been completed

Mobile research on Recollective just makes sense!

Other Release News – Webcam Video Upload

Last month we released the Video Task Type empowering researchers with a new way to gather even richer visual insights from study participants. This month we’ve taken video to the next level. As well as being able to upload any video from their media gallery or any online source, participants can now record a webcam video response directly into Recollective with a single click. Recollective automatically grabs, uploads and converts the video making it incredibly easy to now add video to your study.

Recollective Now Offers Private Messaging and More…

Out with the old and in with the new – although not stated exactly like this, that is my summation of this year’s GRIT report. As written in the opening remarks by editor Leonard Murphy, “market research is still changing, but at this point the change has been acknowledged by the majority and embraced by the many.” What this is referring to is the move from old research techniques, such as telephone surveys, to what is being called ‘New MR’.

Recollective is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most innovative new software platforms available to agencies looking to conduct New MR. Hot on the heels of the Video Task released only a few weeks ago, we’re delighted to say that we’ve further expanded the capabilities to include new private messaging, email broadcast and activity preview features.

Private Messaging Feature Update

Private Messaging is an important piece in a researcher’s community management toolkit. If you’re currently conducting a Recollective study, the Messages tool enables participants to contact you and for you to privately converse with them.

Messages are delivered to the participant’s web-based inbox inside Recollective. For participants these messages are viewed as a single threaded discussion, with responses kept inline below the original message. Admins see an index page listing all active message threads. Messages marked ‘Awaiting a reply’ by admins make it easy to identify any participants slow to respond to your questions.

Private messaging is important for researchers who want to probe for further insights from participants outside of a specific task response or open discussion topic. They can even be used for asynchronous text-based IDIs.

One of our goals is to make our customers jobs as easy as possible while using Recollective, so when it’s time to undertakde the task of analyzing messages, they can be coded, excerpted and included in transcripts just like any other participant data.

Email Broadcast Feature Updates

Not only have we tackled private messaging, but we’ve also made huge improvements to Recollective’s Email Broadcast feature.

Simply filter participants by the appropriate criteria, such as the date they were added to the study, last activity completion, segments – or hand select individuals using the people-picker. We’ve also included the ability to insert dynamic fields (such as first name, last name, or username) so that your emails can be professionally personalized to the recipient.

Task Preview Update

In addition to messaging, we’ve improved usability for researchers by introducing a feature to preview Activities before they are made available to participants. This enables researchers to experience the task flow as a participant to check logic and links, catch those typos and double check that it is what you envisioned.

I’m not sure how our team managed to pack all of this (plus some unglamourous bug fixes and UI updates) into one release, but they did. If you have any questions about these updates, would like more information on conducting Recollective studies or just want to chat with a friendly Canadian company, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If not, then watch out for more changes coming to your Recollective site next month – of course we’re at it again!